14 Benefits of Babywearing

14 reasons to begin babywearing

Baby wearing has been practiced for many years by many indigenous and African people across the globe. I love wearing babies and teach it to parents because of the many benefits of it.

Here are fourteen benefits of baby wearing:

1. It's good for social & cognitive development.
2. It prevents flat head syndrome
3. Baby cries less
4. Baby wearing feels like being in the stomach which is soothing to baby
5. Encourages more consistent weight gain in baby
6. Stabilizes heart rate and body temperature
7. Good for baby's hips and minimizes chances of hip dysplasia
8. Can fight colic
9. Baby will get better sleep
10. It can help preemie development
11. Freedom for person wearing the baby. Hands are free and you can do things around the house
12. Reduces postpartum depression and anxiety disorders
13. Easier breastfeeding in public
14. It helps form closer bonds

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