NYC Birth & Postpartum Doula Care

Starting the journey to parenthood is a beautiful road, full of unexpected twists and turns, the occasional bump in the road, seemingly dead ends that later turn out to be secret pathways and it is never ending. However you’ve chosen to start your family, whether it’s via surrogacy, adoption, you got pregnant…you deserve to have professional, kind and nurturing support along the way through birth and postpartum!


Kay Beach

Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Newborn Care Specialist, Certified Lactation Counselor, Child Birth Educator

Birth Doula Services

For birthing persons:

From the initial intake to the bi-weekly checkups and prenatal visits, to the support in early labor and to the birth of your baby, I will be there as your birth doula. My role is to educate you, give emotional and physical support and empower you to advocate for yourself in your birth setting.

Your care includes a free intensive 20-hour class and access to my childbirth virtual library. Your preparation for childbirth will include newborn care &  lactation if you are choosing to breast /chest feeding.


  • 3 prenatal visits
  • Birth planning
  • Newborn Care & Lactation Classes
  • Access to free childbirth education classes
  • Access to childbirth education library
  • Check ins as needed
  • Virtual or in person support during early labor
  • In-Person support during active labor
  • 2 postpartum visits
  • 24/7 emotional support
postpartum doula nyc

Postpartum Doula Services

For Intending Parents and Postpartum Birthing Persons:

I will help prepare to welcome the newest addition to your life. With newborn care, lactation/feeding and postpartum depression and anxiety disorders classes, together, we will navigate the path to parenthood. I will support you with parent coaching, meal prep, light housework and errands and over night infant care. This will ensure you have the chance to be rested, show up as the best version of yourself for baby and free up time for you…time you get to spend bonding and connecting with baby and transitioning into the role of parent.


  • 40 hours in person support.
  • In home meal prep services. Creating healthy and soul warming meals to help the Postpartum body and family recover and reconnect
  • Light housekeeping, emotional support and infant care education
postpartum doula nyc