Why hire a Doula in 2021: What you need to know.

doula services 2021

When someone reaches out to me to ask about what a doula does or have a consultation with me, often, they think a doula is someone who facilitates a natural birth in a non-hospital setting.

I often have to let them know that that is not always true. A doula supports birth, wherever birth takes place. That could be at home, or that could be in the hospital, or a birthing center, it doesn't really matter.

In fact, A lot of the birth doula's work takes place prior to birth.

My role as a doula during pregnancy

Now, the biggest part about what a doula does actually happens way before the birth. A doula provides a lot of education for the clients so that they can walk into any birth setting armed with the knowledge to make informed decisions regarding their birth.

A doula is there for all the hard stuff, the weepiness that may come during pregnancy, the annoyance at your partner, when even them breathing becomes irritating..lol. A doula provides physical support, helping you prepare your body for birth, provide nutritional support and at times when birth gets challenging, labor gets stalled, a doula can help you use your body to facilitate getting baby moving.

Why should you get a doula?

I would always highly recommend that a birthing person have a doula present with them. The statistics show that the rates for infant mortality, infant morbidity, maternal mortality, maternal morbidity, all of these figures are drastically reduced when you have a doula with you.This isn’t because we're magicians, but simply because we prepare you so well for birth. We also because we really give you that physical support that you need, especially when labor gets challenging, that helps to mitigate the use of medical interventions , when not necessary.

Why are doulas necessary for black, brown & transgender women?

Doulas are important for women of color and marginalized communities because of systemic racism and transphobia in the medical field. We see women from these demographics have worse outcomes in birth and die in birth far greater than white cis women. This is the reason, it is really imperative that black and brown women, transgender women get a doula with them who can really be there to ensure that these outcomes reversed.

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