Holistic doula care & lactation support in New York City.

Experience a blend of my Garifuna ancestral knowledg and evidence-based care to nurture, inform & support your growing family.

NYC Holistic Doula Services

We all need a village.

Having a baby in NYC? You've found your village.

Welcome to the Kaybee "Village", created to provide the community of support your growing family needs. You'll find birth and postpartum doula care, lactation support, newborn care and perinatal nutrition guidance. Plus, we'll connect you with our network of perinatal professionals, including photographers, housekeepers, organizers etc...

Our job is ensure you have the support you need, so you have the time and space you need to care for yourself, prepare for birth and baby, and bond as a new family.

Birth preparation and support for an empowering birth; home or hospital, physiological or c-section...supporting birth whatever that looks like for you! Choose from in-person and virtual birth doula packages.

Holistic birth and postpartum doula Kay Beach- CBD, CPD, CLC, CNPE, CBE, AdvncNCS . Blending ancestral and cultural wisdom with modern western evidence based practices. Learn more.

Postpartum Doula support focused on nutritional and emotional health. Choose from my postpartum doula and meal prep packages.